12 Top B2B Link Building Agencies You Can Trust

July 30, 2023

When your teeth hurt, you go to the dentist.

If you have an eye infection, you go to the ophthalmologist.

If your hair looks shaggy, you visit your hairstylist.

And who do you go to if your B2B website isn’t ranking well despite publishing expert content?

Solid B2B link-building agencies will get authoritative websites in your niche to link to your assets, thus signaling your reputation to Google. That’s how your search engine rankings can improve consistently, not just spike up and down.

You’re on the right page to find that solid agency. This article discusses the 12 best agencies, outlining their services, the businesses they helped, and their unique selling points.

Keep reading below.

Why Choose a B2B Link-Building Agency?

You might be tempted to let your in-house SEO team manage your link-building process.

If you’ve hired specialized link builders, that might be a great solution. But if not, a B2B link-building agency can be a better choice.

1. They Know People

Networking with the right businesses and creators is essential in the B2B space. Agencies that build links for B2B companies have developed massive databases of connections.

So, reaching out to expert bloggers and websites with high domain authority in your field is easier.

Their outreach emails get opened more frequently, and they get more positive answers.

That means you can get high-quality links from authoritative creators. All this link juice floating your way signals to Google that your website is relevant and reputable, thus ranking you higher in SERPs.

2. They Know Things

Link-building is a difficult job that needs data-driven strategies, professional tools, expertly trained people, and a lot of patience.

Here’s the thing:

Most B2B link-building does not show results for 6-8 weeks, especially if you follow Google’s best practices and use sustainable, white-hat techniques.

If your SEO team is not well-versed in SEO, they might give up.

They might start using gray-hat techniques like PBNs or spamming your competitors with bad links. They might jump from tactic to tactic, changing your plan without any reason.

Instead, B2B link-building agencies craft solid plans based on data and extensive knowledge. And they’re patient with their results.

Therefore, you will build a high-quality backlink profile that siphons quality traffic in the long run.

3. They Don’t Compromise Link Quality

Getting relevant, do-follow links from high-authority websites grows your online presence consistently.

These websites don’t just have high domain rankings. They also have real traffic and are topically relevant.

As a result, one do-follow link from this type of website values 10x more than a $20 link you buy from Fiverr.

Remember: You’re not after vanity metrics like traffic spikes. You need consistent, high-quality traffic in the long run, to see your ROI increase steadily.

4. They Don’t Waste Your Money

You might believe a $400 link or a $2,000 link package is expensive.

But do the math, and you will soon discover that not getting this offer translates into thousands more lost in the long run.

Trying less effective techniques instead of building a solid link profile puts you behind your competitors, hiding your website from highly-qualified leads.

Here’s what we at Breeeze did for one of our clients:

breeeze case study

And you can see the same results and consistent growth if you choose a solid link-building company:

breeeze results from link building

5. They’re Accountable

Trustworthy B2B link-building agencies like those below deliver proficient monthly reports. You will see what type of links they acquired and metrics about the websites, such as:

  • Domain authority
  • Topical relevance
  • Website traffic

These agencies will also report how their link-building efforts translate into specific results, such as increased organic traffic or more SQLs.

And if you sign a solid contract, you can ensure those agencies will bring you the promised deliverables.

Which Link-Building Agencies Are Best?

The 12 link-building agencies below are best because they have a proven track record of good results, operate within Google’s guidelines, and offer quality customer service.

However, each agency has a unique selling point and is best for specific services.

This section will tell you what makes them different and what each is best for, so you can pick according to your needs.

1. Breeeze: Best Overall

breeeze link building agency
  • Services: Content strategy and creation, HARO, broken link-building, link-building outreach, technical SEO, SEO management
  • Clients: com, Mention, Active Campaign, Get Response, inBeat, Arielle, Content Allies

Breeeze is the best B2B link-building agency thanks to its results-driven process, skilled link-building team, and scalable services.

Breeeze’s customized link-building strategies grew clients like inBeat to $4,000,000 in pipeline traffic and Content Allies to $2,000,000.

Here’s how Breeeze operates:

  • Comprehensive audit: Its SEO experts analyze your content assets and link-building profile. They identify your strengths and weaknesses, turning them into opportunities.
  • Competitors’ analysis: Breeeze’s experts also analyze the most and less linked-to competitor assets and creators linking to their content. That’s how they identify potential link partners, unique keyword opportunities with high search intent for them, and tools they’d like to see.
  • Strategy: Breeeze uses all this data to create a solid link-building strategy based on your goals, budget, and target audience. Their experts value sustainable SEO, so they only use white-hat techniques, such as HARO, broken link-building, and guest blogging on authoritative websites.
  • Monitoring: Breeeze prides itself on being extremely data-driven, so it will constantly track your metrics to find the best-performing tactics and replicate them until you reach the desired results.

Of course, they’ll keep you in the loop with comprehensive reporting. And you can call them anytime – they have the friendliest team.

Pro tip: Breeeze can build high-quality backlinks to build your online reputation because they work with high-authority sites with DR 60+.

The agency has a transparent pricing system, where you pay for the links you get.

Even better, Breeeze offers other SEO services, such as content writing, technical SEO, and content management. That means they can integrate your link-building efforts inside a broader SEO campaign to optimize your results and maximize your budget.

Pro-tip for agencies: Breeeze offers customized white-label SEO services, whether for link-building or other aspects of search engine optimization.

2. Brainy Bees: Best for B2B Startups

brainy bees link building agency
  • Services: Content marketing, social media, PR, and link building for SaaS, tech, and B2B companies
  • Clients: Kontentino, PushPushGo, RocketLink, Senuto, and more

Brainy Bees is one of the best B2B link-building agencies for startups, relying on a slew of techniques to build a solid link profile.

Plus, it’s affordable, making it easier for startups to maximize their SEO budgets.

Here’s what it can do for you:

  • Organic links: Its skilled content writers create excellent B2B content according to carefully identified target keywords. This content fits the search intent of creators in your niche, so it automatically gets more mentions.
  • Active link-building: Brainy Bees can specifically build relevant links in reputable B2B websites according to your current business goals.
  • Digital PR: The agency will keep an eye open for brand mentions and ambassador opportunities. Scoring those helps your brand reach the news, so more high-quality journalists, news outlets, and creators in your niche will mention you.
  • Relationship nurturing: Brainy Bees can manage your social media efforts, creating specific groups on social media platforms. This tactic keeps you connected to your B2B clients, partners, and B2B creators, who are more likely to cite your content assets. Those editorial links will increase your reputation considerably, so your search engine rankings will also increase.

3. Sure Oak: All-in-One SEO Agency

sure oak lik building agency
  • Services: Full-service SEO campaigns, on-page optimization, technical SEO, keyword research, local SEO, link-building, content writing, lead generation, web design, and development
  • Clients: Escapely, EZ Name Change, Luxury Tour, SMS Marketing Platform

Sure Oak is a solid all-in-one SEO agency that can build successful B2B SEO campaigns.

They will also help you with web design, customer generation, and conversion optimization, all essential in B2B.

They will also conduct technical SEO, keyword research, and local SEO.

Their link-building services are just a small part of their offer.

Is that good, though?

On the one hand, yes.

B2B link-building agencies with broader SEO knowledge apart from link-building can identify other SEO issues affecting your search engine rankings.

And they can fix those issues.

On the other hand, a broad-scope SEO agency may not specialize in link-building.

Therefore, Sure Oak might work in 99.999% of cases, but it might not be your best bet if you need a highly specialized link-building approach.

4. MarketingLad: Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

marketinglad link building agency
  • Services: Link-building, search engine optimization, SEO consulting, website development, landing pages
  • Clients: Apexure, Beaconstac, Infuse Media, Heavy Duty Mobility

Marketing Lad is a good B2B link-building agency offering comprehensive digital marketing packages.

This includes content planning, web development, technical and on-page SEO.

And their unique selling point is growth marketing consulting for B2B SaaS.

If you choose the complete package, Marketing Lad will maximize your inbound link-building effort, helping you acquire a steady stream of qualified leads in the long run through all possible channels.

Marketing Lad uses 16+ link-building tactics but combines them in customized strategies to increase your organic and referral traffic.

They’ll also perform manual outreach after finding the best link opportunities to help you rank for specific organic keywords.

5. LinkBuilder.io: Customized Link-Building

linkbuilder.io link building agency
  • Services: Analysis and planning, strategy development, prospecting targets, outreach, relationship building
  • Clients: JobSage, ARC Relocation, Online Course Site, Snack Nation, Follow Up Boss

LinkBuilder.io is one of the best B2B link-building agencies if you value comprehensive, customized plans.

  • Their link-building team bases all its decision on data.
  • Their link-building tactics are customized based on that data, unlike other agencies that conduct excessive link exchanges or use link farms.

After thorough research:

  • Linkbuilder.io builds your outreach persona and link-building strategy.
  • According to your goals, they will find quality link opportunities on high-quality websites.
  • The agency handles the outreach process, A/B testing their cold emails to maximize the open and response rates.

Unfortunately, unlike Breeeze, LinkBuilder.io lacks more comprehensive SEO packages, such as technical and on-page optimization, to funnel your SEO efforts in the same direction.

6. PrestigeLinks: Best for Guest Posts

prestigelinks link building agency
  • Services: Guest posts, editorial links, blogger and influencer outreach, white-label link-building, niche edits, backlink quality check
  • Clients: HVSEO, Study Gate, Vidyard, Pantheon, Preply, Bipper Media, Invalley, Airwallex, Binance

Prestige Links is best for guest posting because all its link-building services revolve around posting high-quality articles on reputable websites.

These relevant websites have domain rankings of over 40 and real traffic, not just an inflated domain authority. Besides, Prestige Links doesn’t use public blog networks (PBNs), link farms, or other black-hat SEO strategies. And you’ll get do-follow links.

Here’s how their process goes:

The agency creates blog articles, case studies, and other relevant pieces of content for your B2B link partners within 5 to 10 days.

These pieces of content are based on competitive keywords with high search intent. That means you can rank higher on Google for terms your audience actually searches for.

Pro tip: Prestige Links promises to build replacements for free if your link partners remove these do-follow links to your website.

7. LinkDoctor.io: Good Relationship Link-Building Services

linkdoctor.io link building agency
  • Services: Blogger outreach, guest posting, broken link building, content creation, and SEO services
  • Clients: Arc Stone, Express Legal Funding, Proxy Scrape, Max Burst

Link Doctor takes a relationship-based approach to link-building, the agency’s unique selling point.

They conduct:

  • Broken link-building
  • Resource link-building
  • Guest blogging
  • And more

All these are valuable tools for B2B companies because B2B customers and creators value research and information, whereas B2C buyers and creators may rely more on emotion.

And for these link-building tactics to be successful, Link Doctor cultivates relationships with potential B2B link partners.

Whether you’re new or experienced in the B2B space, you already know that relationships make the world go round.

As such, you will get:

  • Quality link opportunities matching your current SEO goals
  • Manual outreach that increases your open rate and positive response rate considerably
  • High-quality blog posts on legitimate websites, not made-for-guest-post sources or PBN sites

8. Siege Media: Best for Editorial Links

siege media link building agency
  • Services: Content strategy, SEO consulting, Digital PR, content marketing, link-building, copywriting, content creation, blog design, graphic design
  • Clients: Zapier, Quick Loans, Adidas, Chime, Asana, Airbnb

Siege Media’s entire link-building strategy revolves around editorial links.

That means the agency creates linkable assets for your website, such as:

  • How-to guides
  • Industry studies
  • Statistics
  • Whitepapers
  • And more

High-quality journalists and creators in your niche value these materials, so they will voluntarily cite them without any outreach.

Does it work?

The short answer is yes.

  • Editorial links bring valuable link juice because Google deems them extremely valuable and:
  • Siege Media has had excellent results with this strategy.

However, this approach works best in the long term.

Remember: If you want to create a more comprehensive link-building campaign, Breeeze can help you with less passive strategies.

That said, Siege Media is also one of the B2B link-building agencies that offer additional services. Its experts can help you with content marketing, design, and SEO consulting.

9. Outreach Monks: Best for Editorial Backlinks (Built Actively)

  • Services: Managed link-building, link insertions, guest posts, white-label link-building, blogger outreach
  • Clients: Express VPN, Zocdoc, Sephora, VPN Pro, Mac Paw, Trip Advisor, Coin Base

Just like Siege Media, Outreach Monks values editorial backlinks the most too.

And they’ll also craft your entire link-building campaign around those valuable content assets that educate your B2B audience and bring value to your B2B link partners.

But unlike Siege Media, Outreach Monks is a more hands-on B2B link-building agency.

Therefore, they’ll conduct a personalized, thorough outreach process, ensuring those linkable assets reach the right creators.

Even better, Outreach Monks can also build local links for local B2B companies.

And if you own an SEO agency, they will help you with high-quality white-label services to woo your clients.

10. Skale: B2B SaaS Link-Building Agency

skale seo agency
  • Services: SEO management, SEO content, link-building
  • Clients: Lightspeed, Maze, User Testing, Appcues, Hubspot, Attest, Piktochart

Skale is one of the best B2B link-building agencies for SaaS companies because it’s very results-oriented.

The agency helps its partners reach goals, such as sustained MRR growth, product sign-ups, activations, and increased SQLs.

Skale brings you qualified traffic that is more likely to convert because:

  • They build links in high authority websites.
  • Their outreach process is highly professional and 100% human.
  • They get niche-specific links with high topical relevance.
  • They find these link-building opportunities through in-depth research, analyzing your competition’s link profiles and target keywords.

Besides, Skale’s team of link-building experts set monthly and longer-term goals. Therefore, you will see sustainable improvements every few weeks.

11. LinkFlow: Comprehensive Link-Building for SaaS

linkflow link building agency
  • Services: SEO roadmap, link strategy, and planning, link-building outreach, link placement, reporting and analysis, SEO management
  • Clients: io, Online Education, Better Buys, Kall8, Construction Supplies

Link Flow focuses on B2B SaaS as well.

This full-service SEO agency can help you get valuable links in different ways:

  • Excellent B2B content: Their team of experts will conduct a content strategy that moves the needle. You can rank for high search intent keywords and get more editorial links from authoritative journalists in your field.
  • Active link building: Link Flow has a broad arsenal of white-hat link-building tactics that respect Google’s ranking algorithm and best practices, which means you will thank them for sustainable SEO.
  • Blogger outreach: Link Flow has a massive network of relationships in the B2B SaaS sphere. Therefore, their outreach efforts will be more successful, gaining links from authoritative websites in your niche.

12. Growfusely: Thought Leadership Link-Building

growfusely link building agency
  • Services: SEO management, link-building, content marketing, digital PR
  • Clients: What Fix, Pay Kickstart, Shopify, Document 360, Jet Octopus, Trust Pilot

Growfusely bases its link-building campaigns on thought leadership.

If your B2B company can become a source of expertise and valuable resources, more creators, bloggers, and journalists will follow you.

And they’ll also use your research as the basis for their content.

Growfusely promises that this tactic will increase your organic rankings for target keywords and bring you more qualified leads.

That’s how you get more sign-ups and product downloads, translating into higher MRR and organic growth.

Which B2B Link-Building Agency Will You Hire?

The 12 link-building agencies offer different services and approaches to B2B link-building. Although they all have consistent results and happy customers, not all may be suited for your needs.

Breeeze is your best bet, whether you have a startup or a larger company or are looking at short-term or long-term growth.

That’s because Breeeze uses a massive array of link-building tactics, does professional link-building outreach, is data-driven, and boasts broader SEO services.

Therefore, they will use their specialized and generic knowledge to build a solid link-building plan that brings you results. In the short and the long term.

If you want to know exactly how they can help you, set up a free strategy call. These 30 minutes are a solid but worthwhile investment in your organic traffic and pipeline value.