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JP Brousseau
CEO at Phone Loops
My domain rating increased from 25 to 35 in less than one year, thanks to quality links and content that the Breeeze guys worked on. This DR helps me to rank faster and easier for valuable keywords, drive sales and conversions. Only in the past six months, our traffic has nearly doubled not to mention that our B2C sales increased by 60%.
Thierry Tremblay
CEO, Kohezion
I love working with the Breeeze guys! They are real experts in what they do and a pleasure to work with. They fixed my backlink profile and removed spammy links that affected our rankings. They built a solid backlinking strategy and took care of my onsite SEO. . The number of active users of our database software has increased by 40% since we started working with Breeeze.
Daniel Seeff
Foot Cardigan
I worked with David and his team on the HARO link building project for my site. The results were terrific! In three months, I got 12 links from valuable media outlets with DR50+. They even got me one free link with DR42 :). The onboarding and communication were smooth. The team answered all my emails and questions in no time. I even learned some interesting stuff about SEO and influencer marketing during my calls with David.
Justin Chagnon
We've been working with Breeeze for almost a year now. Building niche edits links and working on a general SEO strategy for our website. Our main challenge is that our website is in French, so finding good link opportunities is challenging. Moreover, there is a handful of French-speaking SEO experts that can deliver tangible results. Breeeze solved this problem for us. We get 5-6 high-quality links a month and actionable SEO advice on how to increase our rankings.

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Why should I outsource SEO services?
Outsourcing your SEO work to us will significantly affect your ROI. You will not have the pressure of keeping up with the speed of SEO changes. Instead, you can focus all your time and energy on the core of your business. You can use this opportunity to build a competitive advantage, grow your customer base, and foster your existing clients' loyalty.
Will outsourcing SEO help me save costs?
Outsourcing SEO eliminates the need for investment in infrastructure. Paid subscriptions to advanced SEO and content writing tools alone can reach up to $700 a month. Hiring a professional for blogger outreach and link building can cost up to $1500 a month, excluding the links' cost. We are not speaking of content writers, editors, and your own time spent managing all these people and processes.
What's your experience in SEO?
Our team members have 15+ years of combined SEO experience in various industries. They come from agency and corporate backgrounds, have worked with multiple businesses, and have shown tangible results. The brands that our agency members worked with include names like Marriott, Hilton, Kohezion, Phone Loops, Turning Point Brands, and many more.
How do you monitor and report results?
One of the first steps during the onboarding process is to set goals that are specific and measurable. Together with you, we will define which metrics we are going to track and how often we will review these metrics and how we will report the performance. Our reports are 100% white-label, and you can brand them for presentation to your clients.
How do you define a successful SEO project?
We use rankings as the primary KPI because rankings mean exposure. But there are many other aspects that we need to cover, such as healthy click-through rates, conversion rates, bounce rates, and an increase in quality traffic. Link building and content creation work in tandem to support various aspects of SEO work.