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Our full-service SEO agency has a custom and results-driven approach to content writing.

Our experienced team with strong industry knowledge gets you compelling content that increases visibility, enhances engagement, and actually sells.

Scale with ease

Increase your organic SQLs by 35% within 3-months through high-quality backlinks.

Average DR67


+50% in organic

How Jake @ Content Allies has grown his top-line revenue by $2,000,000+ from high-quality links.

+60% in enterprise SQLs

20+ DR60 links per month

+ $2,000,000 in organic pipeline value

We help brands drive revenues from their content writing and link-building efforts.

Don't take our word for it

Case study

Driving $4,000,000+ of organic pipeline value in 12 months through SEO
Case study


Increasing organic traffic value from $17,000 to $73,000 per month over a 6-month period through premium link placements.

Our process


Conduct research

We examine your brand’s personality, tone, and previous content marketing campaigns. We also audit your competitors and audience. We tap into these insights to find the right keywords, topic clusters, and content opportunities.

Establish goals and KPIs

We set attainable, measurable goals and the right metrics to keep track of your content writing campaign.

Outline the creative brief

At Breeeze, we believe that strategy trumps creativity. And all effective content is based on a clear brief that reflects this strategy. Our brief includes the outline, topic points, and insights that should be included in the text.

Write the text

Our expert content writers have years of industry experience, so they produce well-researched, innovative content that follows SEO best practices and moves the needle. Our team includes real-life examples, screenshots, and actionable strategies that your customers can implement right away.

Check the link structure

We ensure your blog posts have a solid link structure. Our team of expert writers links to high-authority sources and recent research. We also include high-quality internal links to enhance time spent on site.

Do edits

Our proficient editors refine the excellent work of our content writers to ensure no mistakes fall through the cracks.

Scale your campaign

We can scale your content writing campaign on social media, marketing emails, newsletters, and more.

What do our content writing services include?

📝 SEO content

We ensure your content is SEO-friendly, starting from profitable high-intent keywords to topic clusters, link structure, and images.

🚀 Existing content optimization

We improve your existing content by honing its structure, checking keywords, adding relevant images, and including high-quality links.

📇 Website content

From actionable how-to guides to industry highlights and case studies, our tailored content boosts your authority and increases organic traffic.

📱 Social media content

Our social media content improves online visibility, perceived expertise, and engagement rates. We help you stay top-of-mind of your customers, creating a tight-knit relationship with them.

📩 Email newsletters

We increase open and click-through rates through personalized emails that create a strong bond with your audience, build authority and boost sales.

📰 Press releases

We craft prompt PR releases summarizing the most important aspects of your news.

Customized content strategy

Breeeze believes in the power of strategy. We research your background, industry, competitors, and audience to customize your content strategies. This will position your brand as a thought leader, drive engagement with your target audience, and accelerate sales.

High-quality writing

Breeeze delivers high-quality writing that resonates with your audience and establishes you as an authority in your field. Our content is informative and engaging, follows SEO principles to help you dominate SERPs, and delivers actionable insights for your readers.

Measurable results

We value strategy above anything else, so we rely on analytics tracking and reporting. We analyze key metrics like website traffic, lead generation, and app downloads to monitor the ROI of our content marketing efforts. All this helps us refine and scale your content campaigns to reach broader audiences.


What is your turnaround time for delivering completed projects?

Our turnaround time depends on the type of content you need and the number of pieces required, so it can take anywhere from 24 hours to several weeks. However, we always strive to accommodate your timeline.

What is your content creation process?

Our content creation process starts with research to outline your goals and performance indicators. We then develop the brief and outline. The writers produce the first draft, which undergoes editing and link-building.

Can you help with SEO optimization?

Even the most insightful, well-research content cannot produce the desired results unless people find it. That’s why we optimize our content for search engines while maintaining natural readability.

Do you offer revisions or edits after delivery?

We offer all the necessary revisions you want because we know you won’t ask for them. Yes, we are that confident that our content is high quality.

Can you create content for all industries?

While we have experience in marketing, sales, and social media, we can adapt to write about any topic.

Do you use AI to write your content?

All our content is human-generated to ensure top quality. Our writers are industry experts and include authoritative links, compelling case studies, and screenshots in their SEO-friendly pieces. That’s what makes our content bulletproof, increasing your domain authority and helping you dominate SERPs.

What types of content do you write?

Breeeze has a team of industry experts that can create compelling content in different formats. We can help you with:
- Blog posts
- Guest articles
- Social media content
- Marketing emails
- Whitepapers
- Social media
And more.

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