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SaaS SEO is different. Our full-service team of experts devises customized white-hat-only SEO plans that help you stand out and reach quality prospects. We skyrocket your online visibility and reputation in the long term through above-the-board, solid SEO strategies.

Scale with ease

Increase your organic SQLs by 35% within 3-months through high-quality backlinks.

Average DR67


+50% in organic

How Jake @ Content Allies has grown his top-line revenue by $2,000,000+ from high-quality links.

+60% in enterprise SQLs

20+ DR60 links per month

+ $2,000,000 in organic pipeline value

We help brands drive revenues from their SaaS SEO and link-building efforts.

Don't take our word for it

Case study


Driving $4,000,000+ of organic pipeline value in 12 months through SEO
Case study


Increasing organic traffic value from $17,000 to $73,000 per month over a 6-month period through premium link placements.

Our process



Our results-driven approach is based on thorough research. First, we get an eagle’s eye view of your on-page, off-page, and technical SEO. This helps us detect missed SEO opportunities. Then, we build customized, white-hat strategies that help your software dominate SERPs.

On-page SEO

Your SaaS company needs expert content that convinces your detail-oriented audience. That starts from profitable keywords with high search intent. We zero in on those keywords and build relevant content that moves the needle.

Off-page SEO

Your software needs expert endorsement and a prominent social media presence to increase visibility and sales. Our team of experts helps you optimize digital PR, social media, and link-building efforts. Once you dominate search engine rankings, gain traffic, and skyrocket conversions, your company will flourish.

Technical SEO

Sometimes increasing your DR needs as little as fixing a broken product page or heading tag. Our itemized, minute technical SEO process can sleuth out all these technical SEO errors. We fix them in no time; grab your popcorn and watch your rankings skyrocket.


Our customized SEO plans are the right mix of solid and flexible. We monitor your SEO campaign in real-time to identify the best tactics. We then leverage these tools to scale your campaign, increase your domain authority, and get you to the front page of Google.

We help you dominate SERPs

Our results-driven techniques focus on getting a bird’s eye view of your SaaS SEO challenges. We chisel your link-building efforts, page architecture, and keyword clusters to turn these challenges into opportunities. In a highly competitive SaaS market, that’s how you stand out from the competition.

We build your domain authority

Expertise gives you a competitive edge and creates social proof for your software services. Our full-service, customized plans help you achieve those goals. Whether you need high-quality links in authoritative websites or a better social media presence, we build your domain authority.

We help create compelling content that moves the needle

SaaS audiences are recognized as picky, research-prone, and disloyal. You need quality SEO content to move your potential customers through the sales funnel fast. Breeeze helps you build high-quality content that ranks high and attracts more qualified organic traffic.


What is SaaS SEO, and how will it help?

SaaS SEO entails optimizing your website for search engines to get better leads and increase your conversion rate. 

Proficient SaaS SEO takes into account unique challenges, like a more educated audience and tight competition. Breeeze crafts tailored white-hat strategies that turn those challenges into stepping stones to your business goals.

How can your agency improve our organic search rankings?

Breeeze has a team of experienced SEO magic workers with years of experience and a proven track record of success. We improve your organic search rankings by conducting in-depth research to determine missed SEO opportunities. Breeeze helps you focus on high search-intent keywords, optimizes your pages for SEO, and supports your link-building process.

Do you only use white-hat SEO techniques?

Breeeze only uses white-hat SEO techniques. We don’t want to trigger Google’s alarms unnecessarily. Also, an ethical approach is the only way toward long-term results.

How do you measure success in a SaaS SEO campaign?

We keep track of all the metrics and variables that measure your SEO goals. These include:
Increased downloads
More software subscriptions
More newsletter subscriptions
Rankings for target keywords
More organic/paid traffic
More high-quality organic/paid leads

What sets your agency apart from other SEO providers?

Breeeze boasts unique selling points that become your advantages:
We focus on research and planning to bring you sustainable growth.
Our transparent SEO practices increase your rankings and authority for the long haul.
Our pay-as-you-go policy helps you organize your budget and maximize your financial efforts.
We have a customized approach that transforms your weaknesses into opportunities.

How long does it take to see results from an SEO campaign?

Our happy clients have seen results 3-6 months after starting their SEO campaigns. And these results have maintained high in the long run.

Remember: Steer clear from SEO agencies that promise instant results with black-hat techniques.

Will we have a dedicated account manager to work with us throughout the campaign?

All Breeeze clients get dedicated account managers – and so will you. This person will stay in close contact with you from the research stage all the way to implementation and scaling.

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