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Our detail-oriented team of experts combs your website to find and fix technical SEO errors. From canonical tags to URL structures, duplicate content, and load speed – we hone your website into a crawler-friendly product that dominates search rankings.

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Increase your organic SQLs by 35% within 3-months through high-quality backlinks.

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How Jake @ Content Allies has grown his top-line revenue by $2,000,000+ from high-quality links.

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20+ DR60 links per month

+ $2,000,000 in organic pipeline value

We help brands drive revenues from their SEO and link-building efforts.

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Case study

Driving $4,000,000+ of organic pipeline value in 12 months through SEO
Case study


Increasing organic traffic value from $17,000 to $73,000 per month over a 6-month period through premium link placements.

Our process


Conduct research

Crawl your website to find crawlability and indexation errors.
Focus on indexation issues, robots.txt files, robot meta tags, and sitemap. Research your competitors to see how they stack against you and discover missed opportunities.

Check and improve technical on-page elements

We comb through on-page SEO elements, such as page titles, title tags, meta descriptions, canonical and Hreflang tags, plus structured data.
We fix any errors to help search engines and prospects understand what your website is about.

Optimize images

We identify and solve image issues to skyrocket your load speed, bring you more traffic from Google Images, and enhance user experience.
All that will get you a considerable uptick in organic rankings and conversions.

Check internal and external links

We fix broken links and orphan pages and ensure high-quality links. This provides value to your visitors, builds your internal site map for crawlers, and links your website to other authority sources.

Check website speed and performance.

Mobile speed is essential for a high user experience. Breeeze sleuths out the factors affecting your website’s mobile speed. This decreases bounce rates and increases time spent on site.

Ensure your website is mobile-friendly

We conduct an in-depth mobile crawl audit to find and solve issues affecting visitors’ mobile experience.

Monitor your campaign

We keep track of results after improving these technical SEO aspects. We zero in on the best-performing tactics to improve online visibility, increase domain authority, and get more customers.

What do our technical SEO services include?

⚙️ Technical site audit

We identify and rank all technical SEO issues to schedule comprehensive fixes.

📈 Speed optimization

We help your website run fast to improve user experience and decrease bounce rates.

📱 Mobile optimization

Your website will work like a charm on mobile, getting you more organic traffic and conversions.

🔎 Penalty recovery

We fix low-quality content, black-hat techniques, and webspam that could have led to your Google Penalty.

🛠 Website migration

We ensure your website rankings, traffic, and authority don’t suffer from website migration.

📝 Competitor analysis

We conduct thorough competitor analysis to build the basis of your SEO strategy, helping you grab missed opportunities.

Customized technical SEO strategies

Our team of experts will tailor a customized technical SEO strategy that aligns with your business goals and target audience. We focus on results that drive long-term growth.

Holistic technical SEO approach

We audit your website and competitors to get an eagle’s eye view of your website’s performance. We consider technical SEO holistically and from a results-driven perspective. Focusing on all technical SEO elements simultaneously leads to visible results and sustainable growth.

Transparent reporting and communication

Our team of experts will tailor a customized technical SEO strategy that aligns with your business goals and target audience. We focus on results that drive long-term growth.


What do I need to know about technical SEO?

Technical SEO entails optimizing your website’s technical elements to make your website easier to index and crawl. Improving technical SEO also helps your website become more user-friendly. That means your website ranks better on search result pages because:
- Search engines understand what it’s about.
- Visitors like it more, so they return to your content

How does technical SEO differ from on-page and off-page optimization?

Technical SEO focuses on your website’s underlying technical structure that affects crawlability, indexing, and user experience. On-page SEO entails optimizing individual web pages for specific keywords and content relevance. Off-page SEO is about digital PR, external link-building and social media presence.

Do I need to be a developer to implement technical SEO?

Knowing some HTML or CSS never hurts. But you have an array of tools that facilitate technical SEO implementation.
Alternatively, Breeeze makes website optimization a, well, breeze.

How long does it typically take to see results from technical SEO efforts?

The time it takes to see results from technical SEO efforts depends on your specific issues, website size, and goals. Some changes may lead to improvements on the spot. Others may need weeks to deliver noticeable results in search engine rankings or traffic.

What is your technical SEO checklist?

Here’s a technical SEO you can use at any time:
1. Create an XML sitemap.
2. Use structured data markup.
3. Solve loading speed issues.
4. Implement responsive design for mobile devices.
5. Install an image compression plugin.
6. Fix broken pages.
7. Eliminate duplicate content.
8. Fix broken links.
9. Build a solid link structure with inbound and outbound links.
10. Monitor website analytics regularly.

What are the most common technical SEO issues?

Common technical SEO issues that lead to indexing issues and low user experience include:
- Slow load time
- Duplicate content
- Broken links
- Orphan pages
- Missing or incorrect meta tags
- Improper header tags
- Poor mobile responsiveness
- Poor website structure
And more.

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