8 Top Keyword Research Services to Use for Your SEO in 2023

October 3, 2023

8 Top Keyword Research Services to Use for Your SEO in 2023

Writing content with poor keyword research is like Beethoven writing his famous symphonies on post-its and throwing them in the ocean.

If your high-quality content isn’t optimized to fit customer search intent, Google will bury it.

And this guide will help you find the best keyword services to optimize your content.

Besides, you’ll find out:

  • What keyword research is so you’ll know what to ask your agency or freelancer about their process
  • Why keyword research matters
  • How 8 best keyword research services stack up against each other

Let’s start.

TL;DR - The Best Keyword Research Services

  • Cost of Keyword Research:
  • Pricing varies, typically between $25 to $150 per hour.
  • Variables affecting cost: expertise level, location, and whether one chooses an agency or freelancer.
  • Reviews of the Top Keyword Research Services:
  • Breeeze: Data-driven approach for SaaS and B2B companies using professional tools; customized pricing.
  • Loganix: Specializes in product and service keywords; $149 flat rate.
  • WebFX: Comprehensive SEO and digital marketing; pricing starts at $3,000.
  • InfluenceAndCo: SEO-focused content marketing; customized monthly fees.
  • PageOnePower: Dedicated keyword research services; pricing upon request.
  • Codarity: Conversion-focused SEO, web design, and PPC; customized pricing.
  • SimpleTiger: AI-driven keyword research tailored for SaaS; pricing upon request.
  • Searchberg: Offers a unique 100% money-back guarantee if no rankings in 30 days; pricing not specified.
  • Conclusion:
  • All eight agencies/services have their specializations.
  • It's advised to set strategy calls to decide the best fit.
  • Breeeze is highlighted for its success in the SaaS B2B sector, with a call-to-action for a free strategy session.

What Is Keyword Research?

Keyword research entails finding the most profitable keywords to improve your organic ranking.

These profitable keywords should meet at least two conditions:

  • Fit your target audience’s search intent
  • Have a high search volume

Pro tip: If you’re just starting your company or keyword research efforts, you also need keywords with low keyword difficulty. That means few or none of your competitors are targeting those search terms.

As a result, you have more chances to rank high for those keywords.

Side note: You must be waiting for this article to get straight to the point and list those keyword services.

But before we do that, you should understand how keyword research is done.

Don’t skip this part: If you understand the process, you will know what to ask from your future keyword research partners. Such as:

  • How do you conduct keyword research?
  • What SEO tools are you using?
  • Do you run a competitive gap analysis?
  • What metrics are important for you?
  • Do you value search volume more than competitive density or vice-versa?
  • Do you do local keyword research?
  • Can you tell me which keywords to prioritize?

So, without further ado, here’s the keyword research process step-by-step.

Keyword Research Step-by-Step

  1. Make a list of seed keyword ideas: These are the central keywords relating to your business.
  2. Run them through Google: Look at “People Also Ask” or “Related searches” to get more long-tail keywords. These are highly specific key terms that allow you to rank faster because they address a particular niche.
  3. Run similar searches on other platforms: Think Quora, Reddit, Wikipedia, or other groups in your niche. Add more long-tail keywords to your list.
  4. Use a keyword research tool: Run these SEO keywords through an SEO tool like Ahrefs, Moz, WriterZen, or SEMrush. Find keywords with low competition and high search volume.
  5. Create a keyword list: Use an Excel sheet to start. Add all these metrics so you can prioritize the easiest keywords first.

Side note: Done-for-you keyword research services use more in-depth strategies.

For example, most SEO tools above allow you to analyze your competitors and see their target keywords.

This competitive gap analysis allows you to find great keyword opportunities they missed.

Let’s say one of your competitors is The Barbecue Lab. Simply add their website in Ahrefs:


And you already see the key terms they’re ranking for. The first key search query, “electric firestarter,” allows you to get decent traffic. Plus, it’s easy to rank for it since it has a 0 keyword difficulty.

Create a better article than the Barbecue Lab did, and you can easily take first place in Google.

Why Does Keyword Research Matter?

According to one of our keyword research experts, Mile Zivkovic, “Keyword is the backbone of a solid SEO strategy, and without it, any SEO effort is doomed to fail.”

Here’s why.

Keyword research means discovering the keywords many of your potential customers use when they go on Google to discover products.

And now you’re using these keywords to create high-quality content.

Therefore, Google increases your search rankings because you offer value to your readers. And it’s the value they’re looking for.

Plus, a ranking higher on Google brings with it more organic traffic: 39.8% if you rank first, 18.7% if you rank second, and 10.2% if you rank third.

If you have created quality content according to the sales funnel, those visitors will be qualified traffic.

This means they’ll be ready to convert at some point soon.

Now, imagine you’re not doing keyword research.

You’re just creating random content without a strategy.

Therefore, even if your content is stellar, it might not reach the right people. The fifth-ranking site on Google has 6.3% organic traffic.

And if people don’t see your website, they can’t visit it and start buying.

But wait, can’t you bring qualified traffic from social media or paid ads?

Sure, those are valuable tools. But search engines are still the backbone of organic traffic, bringing 92.96% of traffic.

So, not doing proper SEO, which starts with keyword research, means you’re missing out on that potential.

Pro tip: conduct keyword research to find the best link-building opportunities.

How Much Does Keyword Research Cost?

Keyword research services typically start at $25-$30 per hourly fee, but most are in the $75-$150 ballpark.

  • Freelancers typically charge less than agencies.
  • Beginners cost less than expert professionals.
  • Global SEO professionals have lower fees than those located in the US.

Plus, some freelancers and agencies publish their keyword research services’ costs on their websites.

At Breeeze, we prefer to personalize this fee based on your distinct objectives and challenges. Instead of offering a one-size-fits-all price, we tailor our approach and pricing to match your needs.

And that’s a win-win strategy because you receive the best value and most effective solution.

Pro tip: You can schedule a free strategy call with us to find out how we can help.

Best Keyword Research Services

If you read so far, you understand why keyword research is important. And you also know what questions to ask the agencies or freelancers you’ll work with.

So, let’s (finally) dive right into the services.

1. Breeeze: Best Overall


Breeeze offers data-driven, results-oriented keyword research.

Our main strategy is analyzing the data, looking at your past SEO efforts, competitors, and audience interests.

We then use professional SEO tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush to discover easy-to-grab keyword opportunities.

Breeeze helps you rank higher faster and get more high-quality organic traffic because we help you:

  • Prioritize relevant keywords with high search volume and low to medium competitive density.
  • Arrange those keywords according to different steps in your sales funnel.
  • Write quality content that converts according to those search terms.

Simple strategies like this helped us get our friends at inBeat to $4,000,000 in pipeline value as they moved from $500 to $70,000 monthly visitors.

We also work with many B2B clients like Tiddle, ThreatX, Arielle, Content Allies, Hurom, iWave.

Price packages: Personalized upon request

2. Loganix: Affordable Product and Service Keywords


Loganix is a good go-to solution if you’re looking for more comprehensive packages, such as pay-per-click, local SEO, and copywriting.

Regarding keyword research, this SEO agency specializes in product and service keyword discovery.

These commercial terms align with your offer.

Their process is:

  • You give them a few topics you want to rank for.
  • Their team uses professional keyword tools to find specific keywords in the niche, grouping results according to related terms, search intent, and topic.
  • You get a detailed report within two days.

Alternatively, you can ask them to write the SEO content.

On the other hand, Breeeze can help you find the most profitable seed keywords to rank. And we’ll help you with the different stages of the sales funnel, not just product and service keywords.

Pricing: $149

3. WebFX: Comprehensive SEO Campaigns


WebFX offers comprehensive digital marketing services for all your marketing needs.

They include local search engine optimization, SEO audit, page speed optimization, social media advertising, geofencing, ecommerce SEO, and more.

WebFX includes keyword research strategies in all their plans as part of their on-page SEO.

The good news is you can get a comprehensive, data-driven, done-for-you campaign that touches on different SEO aspects:

  • Digital marketing strategy 
  • Competitor gap analysis
  • Lead gen monitoring
  • Optimization ideas
  • Engaging copy
  • Full-funnel ROI tracking
  • Marketing and sales data unification
  • Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Revenue tracking

On the downside, their pricing is a better fit for larger companies. Unlike WebFX, Breeeze and LoganIX have more flexible keyword research services.

Pricing: Starting at $3,000

4. InfluenceAndCo: Comprehensive SEO Services


Influence & Co. simplifies your content marketing efforts with its collaborative solutions. That helps you strategize, create, and publish relevant content that obtains the SEO results you’re looking for.

The agency views professional SEO keyword research as an integral part of SEO.

Therefore, their experts start with your website audit, conduct competitor research, and look at your market share.

They then find high-value keyword opportunities to enhance your organic search visibility and increase your organic ranking.

Influence & Co. will also create SEO-friendly content optimized for your valuable keywords.

On the downside, Influence & Co. practices customized monthly charges determined by the amount of work spread over a year. And you can’t pay the entire bill upfront to receive a discount.

Pricing: Customized monthly fee upon request

5. PageOnePower: Extensive Keyword Research


PageOnePower has included separate keyword research services in its content marketing package.

That’s a definite plus compared to other agencies that offer keyword research services only in combination with other SEO elements.

Their process entails:

  • Site review of your website’s performance
  • 3-5 competitor review to review keyword overlap and relevance
  • Industry research to uncover niche-specific research
  • Keyword segmentation and keyword clusters
  • Reporting
  • Consulting

Basically, this package is similar to Loganix, but you get specialized consulting to understand the report and implement the recommendations.

And it’s also similar to Breeeze, though we offer a more comprehensive competitor review instead of focusing on just 3-5 of your rivals.

Pricing: Customized upon request

6. Codarity: Conversion-Led SEO


Codarity combines web design, SEO, and PPC to build conversion-oriented websites.

In terms of SEO, the basic package includes:

  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Competitive research
  • SEO and marketing audit.
  • Multiple touchpoints & regular briefing calls
  • Monthly reports
  • 12-month growth strategy

You can add other services, such as keyword research services, link-building, penalty recovery, and more.

Pricing: Customized according to your scope of work

7. SimpleTiger: Fast SEO and PPC for SaaS Companies


SimpleTiger has two unique value propositions:

  • They’re fast: That’s thanks to a mix of expertise, a playbook of strategies and tactics, plus proprietary AI technology.
  • They blend SEO and PPC: You get a winning combination of paid and organic traffic.

In terms of keyword research, Simple Tiger uses their AI-driven keyword research method to identify and rank all the keywords that your potential customers might be searching for.

Simple Tiger then aligns these keywords with relevant content tailored to every stage of the purchasing process. That means the agency finds informational, navigational, transactional, and commercial keywords that fit your stage of the sales funnel.

Their process includes:

  • Data analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Understanding keyword relevance for each sales funnel stage
  • Keyword mapping for each page
  • Phone call with specific recommendations to implement these keyword phrases into your content strategy

On the downside, Simple Tiger only focuses on SaaS companies.

Pricing: Customized upon request

8. Searchberg: Unique Money-Back Guarantee


Searchberg’s unique value proposition is their 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t start ranking on Google in less than 30 days.

Their search engine optimization consultants promise to help you:

  • Accelerate your search traffic
  • Get more conversions
  • Flourish your profit and business

The agency caters to small businesses, startups, established companies, and even agencies across multiple sectors, such as healthcare, finance, real estate, catering, and more.

Their keyword services include creating optimal keyword profiles from scratch based on your target audience, niche search trends, and your competitors’ profiles.

Plus, Searchberg says they will improve your visibility in search engines by choosing high-volume search terms.

And they integrate this keyword research among other comprehensive SEO services, such as website audit, content creation, visual media, and link-building.


Which Keyword Research Services Will You Choose?

The eight keyword research agencies and services above are all competent.

But each has a different niche.

So, it’s important to set strategy calls with each and go through all the questions in the first section. That will give you a better idea of who would make your best partner.

That said, Breeeze is an affordable, practical, and scalable solution in the SaaS B2B space.

Just like we helped our friends at inBeat get from 500 to 70,000 visitors per month, we can do the same for you.

Set a free strategy call, and let’s get started.