8 B2B Content Agencies You Should Hire in 2023

May 18, 2023

A B2B content agency should write informative, engaging content that drives conversions, creates communities, and is not boring while also positioning your company as a thought leader.

Google search results are filled with B2B content agencies that promise all that.

But not all are good fits for your company.

That’s why we compiled a list of 8 top-notch agencies you should keep on your radar for 2023. And no, we’re not talking about your cousin’s friend who just started a “content marketing” business out of their basement.

These are tried and true agencies that know how to make your content shine brighter than a diamond-encrusted unicorn.

Keep reading below.

What Is a B2B Content Agency, and Why Would You Hire One?

A B2B content agency is an agency that specializes in creating content for other businesses in the B2B space.

Agencies like the ones below help your company communicate your value and expertise to your potential customers.

These B2B content companies can create personalized, high-quality content:

  • Blog posts
  • White papers
  • Videos
  • Social media content
  • And more

Why not do all this alone?

For the same reason that people hire personal trainers when they start their fitness journeys. Or when they’re not seeing the results they want fast enough.

Think of a B2B content agency as a valuable investment for your business.

If you want to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry and attract new B2B clients, you’ll need an experienced agency. This type of agency:

  • Creates high-quality content that resonates with your B2B clients and builds your brand.
  • Helps save time and resources while also producing content that drives results.

Here are our top picks.

1. Breeeze: Best Overall SEO Agency for B2B SaaS

Breeeze is an up-and-coming full-service agency in the B2B SaaS space.

The company’s motto is “Get to the top. It’s that simple.” And Breeeze certainly delivers on this business growth promise, with a track record of B2B content marketing success examples.

For instance, this B2B SEO agency took its sister company, inBeat, from 500 to 70,000 visitors per month. And it also worked with an array of renowned B2B companies, such as Monday.com, Whatagraph, and Mention.

Your results can look like this, too:

breeeze content agency

Pro tip: Read the case study to find out how.

Besides writing amazing SEO-friendly content, Breeeze is also great at link-building, using only white-hat SEO practices and no disruptive advertising.  

Pro tip: You can count on them for expert SEO management too.

And their transparent price packages are another reason in Breeeze’s favor.

Services offered:

  • Link-building
  • Technical SEO
  • Content production
  • Content performance
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • SEO Management

Price: Custom-based on request

2. Siege Media: SEO Content Marketing Agency

Siege Media promises to offer SEO content that converts.

They also offer graphic design and link-building, so your B2B business can get a complete package.

  • The team of writers will produce quality content that helps you rank higher.
  • The designers enhance that content with visual assets that keep your website visitors on your page.
  • The link-building team creates visibility for that content.
Siege media content agency

Side note: Notice, however, that Breeeze offers several other SEO services you’ll need if you’re looking for a complete package. For example, Breeeze can help you with technical search engine optimization and SEO management.

That said, Siege Media has experience in three prominent sectors: fintech, e-commerce, and SaaS.

The B2B content marketing agency promises to help you scale sustainably in the long term, gaining more website traffic and rolling in your conversions, regardless of your company size.

Services offered:

  • Content strategy
  • SEO strategy
  • Digital PR
  • Effective marketing
  • Link building
  • Copywriting
  • Design content creation
  • Blog design
  • Graphic design

Price: Customized upon request

3. Animalz: Good for Content Marketing Campaigns

This B2B content marketing agency promises to offer “high-quality content marketing to enterprise companies, startups, and VC firms.”

They have a team of strategists, researchers, B2B content marketers, writers, and editors to help with that solid content marketing plan.

animalz content agency

And you’ll be in good hands with them, regardless of the sales funnel stage your prospects are in.

  • Animalz audits your website content and structure, researching the best keywords to fit your potential B2B buyer’ search intent.
  • They can build awareness through blog posts and conference presentations.
  • They will also produce content for lead generation, such as ebooks, whitepapers, and landing papers.
  • And if you’re interested in product marketing, Animalz can do that with case studies, video production, and more.
  • After creating the content, Animalz will distribute it through link-building, email marketing, and social media.

On the downside, Breeeze has more search engine optimization services that you may need.

Notice that Animalz promises content audit and site structure. But your content marketing efforts may not bring you results because of other reasons. Technical errors or faulty tags can cause significant issues, affecting your ranking.

That means you should hire a separate B2B agency to help you with these technical issues.

Services offered:

  • B2B content marketing strategy
  • Content writing (blog articles, ebooks, whitepapers, conference presentations, video scripts, case studies, and other B2B pieces of content)
  • Link building
  • Social media copy
  • Email copy

Price: Customized upon request

4. Optimist: Good for Growing Businesses

The Optimist yellow lemon logo shows vitality and expertise.

That’s a very suited logo for them since the agency promises to build organic growth engines for their clients through sustainable, scalable SEO practices and content marketing strategies.

optimist content agency

The Optimist values strategic content.

But the best B2B content agencies usually do. They create tactical content that fits a very goals-driven strategy to bring you the results you need.

The Optimist also promises to create content for people, not software.

The agency will help you with content, SEO, links, and optimization. However, the prices are skyrocketing, and they only offer month-to-month contracts with no long-term commitment.

Services offered:

  • SEO content strategy
  • Content creation and editing
  • Link-building
  • Optimization
  • Marketing email
  • Social media marketing

Price: Complete B2B marketing services from $10,000/month

5. Grow and Convert: Best for Transactional Keywords

If Siege Media promises SEO-focused content, Grow and Convert promises content-focused SEO.

Side note: At Breeeze, we believe that both SEO and content should be results-focused.

But this section is not about us. Back to Grow and Convert.

content agency

The digital marketing agency’s unique approach is not following vanity metrics such as increased traffic. They promise conversions – which are essential in the B2B space.

Pro tip: B2B companies deal with longer sales cycles. That means you’ll have to grow your audience and become a thought leader to increase conversions steadily.

Grow and Convert also promises to help you rank for high buying-intent keywords. Again, transactional keywords are awesome, but most B2B brands will rank for a mix of informational and commercial keywords.

That said, Grow and Convert does solid customer research, content strategy planning, and promotion. They’ll also monitor and analyze your campaign, offering useful insights.

Services offered:

  • Content marketing services
  • Keyword research with a focus on high-buying keywords
  • High-quality content pieces
  • Link-building
  • Full paid search management

Price: Customized upon request

6. Brainy Bees: Expansive Content Services

Brainy Bees specializes in building content for B2B, SaaS, and tech companies. The array of content services this agency offers is genuinely impressive.

Brainy Bees can help you with strong content marketing strategies that move the needle, relevant content, plus social media management. The agency understands that B2B companies require different content and community marketing, so you’ll be in good hands.

brainy bees content agency

Brainy Bees will also promote your content through PR and link-building.

This B2B marketing agency has a network of relationships, so they’ll win you valuable publications on authoritative websites.

On the downside, Brainy Bees lacks other SEO services to boost important metrics such as time spent on site, bounce rate, or visit depth.

These variables reflect user experience and affect Google rankings.

And you can easily improve them with a holistic view of technical, on-page, and off-page SEO. But unfortunately, Brainy Bees only helps you with content management and promotion.

Services offered:

  • Content marketing
  • Different kinds of content production
  • Community management
  • Social media marketing
  • PR
  • Link-building

Price: Customized upon request

7. Omniscient Digital

Much like Grow and Convert, Omniscient Digital promises to turn your SEO and content into growth marketing channels.

This B2B content agency won’t focus just on organic traffic and rankings. They’re interested in organic session length, conversion rates, and other non-vanity metrics.

omniscient digital content agency

Omniscient Digital has created leadership content for a wide range of brands, such as Jasper, Order.co, and Smartling.

This content includes everything from interviews to ebooks, white papers, and reports.

And they can also build white-hat backlinks in high-authority websites with DRs over 50.

But just like some of the other B2B content agencies in this review, Omniscient Digital doesn’t offer technical SEO or overall SEO management either.

Services offered:

  • Website audit
  • Competitor research
  • Finding keyword opportunities
  • Content strategy, creation, and production
  • Content promotion

Price: Full-service package from $10,000/month

8. Beam Content: Best for Exciting B2B Content

Beam Content acknowledges that typical B2B content can be boring.

They promise to make your B2B content engaging and sales-eliciting. And they’ll also handle content distribution.

beam content agency

Side note: On the other hand, Beam Content can do just what its name suggests: beaming content. They won’t help you with different SEO aspects you have to consider to ensure that content performs.

That said, you can count on this B2B marketing agency for engaging, well-written content.

Beam Content will also scale your strategic content, keep your marketing team in the loop, and drive up your conversions in the process.

On top of that, the agency will repurpose existing content on social assets, graphics, videos, guest posts, and more.

Services offered:

  • Research
  • Content creation
  • Content repurposing

Price: Customized upon request

Which B2B Content Agency Will You Choose?

Partnering with the best B2B content agency is essential if you want strategic content that moves the needle.

The agencies in this review are all great, but they might not all fit your needs.

It’s essential to look through their content services and ensure you’re getting a complete offer to achieve your marketing goals.

And it’s not just about hiring a second B2B marketing company later. It’s about missed opportunities from not having a holistic view.

If you want to avoid that problem, Breeeze is just a free strategy call away. Call us now, and we’ll build a content strategy that brings the results you’re after.