HARO can be tough

We’ve been there

If you tried responding to HARO queries yourself, you know that it's demoralizing when you do the work but get no results. You looked for writers to craft unique content for your clients' editorial links and spend 50% of your time interviewing and onboarding them.

We’ve done that

That's why we created our done-for-you HARO link building outreach service. To help agencies like yours grow their customers' brand authority.


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Long-term results

You deserve top mentions

If there's one thing that can make or break a brand's digital presence, it's online mentions. We help you build influential editorial links for your customers on websites such as CMSwire, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, InformationWeek, and more. We're the online equivalent of having your team of reporters and PR professionals working for you.

Don’t take our word for it

Case Study


InBeat is an influencer marketing platform that helps brands work with the best micro-influencers.

+ 14,000% organic traffic

+ 30 DR50 referring domains

+ 1,200% in signups

Case Study


Arielle is a C-suite resume creation service that helps senior executives get the job they deserve.

300% increase in qualified b2b leads

+50 DR50 referring domains

Our process


Friendly Chat

Before kicking things off, we make sure that your client's brand is a match for this strategy. HARO works differently for various niches, so we need to make sure that the expectations are managed.



We will kick off the process by analyzing your customer's digital persona and sharing our recommendations on optimizing it to build credibility and get better results. We will ask you to fill out a quick questionnaire about your client and their business.


HARO Management

We respond to HARO queries on behalf of your client every weekday, depending on the requirements. We also leverage our past data to adjust our pitching strategy to the reporter's needs and your customer's niche and brand voice.

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What is HARO?
Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is an online service for bloggers, journalists, and high authority websites to gain insights from experts in specific niches. They are usually looking for expert commentary, opinions on various topics, and unique angles to enrich their blog posts and articles. HARO offers unparalleled opportunities to expert sources to secure valuable PR coverage. HARO queries arrive three times a day on weekdays and are divided into several categories. Queries include requirements, submission deadlines, and a media outlet. Sometimes queries are anonymous. HARO started in 2007 as a Facebook group and now has 55,000+ bloggers and journalists using the service.
What does the onboarding look like?
We will send you a Typeform questionnaire that includes questions about your client's business, details of the email account that we will use to pitch HARO reporters, the LinkedIn profile of the source, a link to the headshot, a short bio. We will also ask to list websites where your client already has links (if any) to avoid duplicates. The more details we have about your client and their business, the merrier. We will edit the bio and offer you some tips on enhancing the LinkedIn profile to boost the source's credibility.
Can I choose the anchor and the target URL?
In 99% of cases, no. We don't pay reporters or blogs for placements, so in most cases, we don't have the freedom to choose an anchor or target URL. Most links will be to your client's home page with a branded anchor. The goal of HARO is to provide useful insights to bloggers and journalists and help them enhance their articles. Requesting specific URL's and anchor text will look unnatural and will show reporters that the source is using HARO as a link building tool. Use our niche edits link building service to complement HARO efforts and build links to specific URLs.
Why should I work with you if I can do it myself?
You don't have to work with us, and you can surely do HARO yourself. We have even written a guide to help you get started. However, bear in mind that you will need to spend at least 5 hours a week to respond to queries for one client. How much is your time worth? You could be spending it acquiring new customers and growing your business. Moreover, some queries come at inconvenient times (like 5:30 AM EST). That's why we have writers who live in different time zones and can cover most queries.
What is the turnaround time for links?
In general, 4-8 weeks. It takes so long because reporters have editorial schedules and can take from 4 to 12 weeks to publish an article. Yes, there are exceptions, but they are very few. Links usually start gaining momentum 3-4 weeks after we start pitching. It is a manual process that takes longer than other types of link building. We are also limited by the number of relevant queries HARO sends out per day.