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Our talented team of writers, content marketing specialists and graphic designers turn ideas into top-notch content that people love.
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Do you feel like most of the content you create for your clients doesn't serve them or add value? Stop spending countless hours wasted hiring writers, editing, and proofreading content that ends up never being viewed by a single person.

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Content creation is challenging, especially when you have to focus on growing your business and serving your existing customers.
Focus on your priorities, and let us take care of the content for you.
We craft a scalable strategy that includes a solid content plan and creative storytelling that's engaging and stimulating to attract website visitors and boost website rankings.
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Increasingly, your clients are looking for more than just content that is both good and relevant.
They seek content that helps them sell their products and services by driving quality traffic to their website.

Let your clients get more value out of the content you deliver, so they stay loyal to you.
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We don't just create great content. We offer you comprehensive advice on how to rank it with a complex offsite and onsite SEO strategy.

Let us help you work smarter so that you can have more time for what's important. We offer quick turnarounds at affordable prices when compared to most competitors.


JP Brousseau
CEO at Phone Loops
My domain rating increased from 25 to 35 in less than one year, thanks to quality links and content that the Breeeze guys worked on. This DR helps me to rank faster and easier for valuable keywords, drive sales and conversions. Only in the past six months, our traffic has nearly doubled not to mention that our B2C sales increased by 60%.
Thierry Tremblay
CEO, Kohezion
I love working with the Breeeze guys! They are real experts in what they do and a pleasure to work with. They fixed my backlink profile and removed spammy links that affected our rankings. They built a solid backlinking strategy and took care of my onsite SEO. . The number of active users of our database software has increased by 40% since we started working with Breeeze.
Daniel Seeff
Foot Cardigan
I worked with David and his team on the HARO link building project for my site. The results were terrific! In three months, I got 12 links from valuable media outlets with DR50+. They even got me one free link with DR42 :). The onboarding and communication were smooth. The team answered all my emails and questions in no time. I even learned some interesting stuff about SEO and influencer marketing during my calls with David.
Justin Chagnon
We've been working with Breeeze for almost a year now. Building niche edits links and working on a general SEO strategy for our website. Our main challenge is that our website is in French, so finding good link opportunities is challenging. Moreover, there is a handful of French-speaking SEO experts that can deliver tangible results. Breeeze solved this problem for us. We get 5-6 high-quality links a month and actionable SEO advice on how to increase our rankings.

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What does your portfolio of content look like?
We work with multiple clients from diverse niches. You can check websites such as,,,,,, and more. We can provide you with more details upon request.
Do you conduct topic and keyword research?
If you need us to research keywords and topics before designing a content calendar - our SEO experts will work together with our content writers. We craft a keyword strategy supported by highly relevant topics that are interesting for users and drive quality traffic to your website. Our goal is to find unique angles and write content that search engines and users find exciting and fresh. We create article briefs and can run them by you, if you wish, before starting to write the content. You are welcome to offer your recommendations and help us make the content more relevant and SEO friendly.
What does your editing and submission process look like?
Once the writer submits an article, we have a team of editors proofreading and editing the content. They proofread it for grammatical errors and judge how engaging and valuable the content is from the reader's point of view. It helps us achieve consistency and enhance the quality of the content. We add illustrations, internal and external links that fit into the context of the article. We submit a Google doc that you can edit if needed and then send to your client. We accept one revision for free. Additional revisions need to be discussed.
Why should I order content writing services from you if I can do it myself?
Suppose you need to deliver four 1500-word articles to one customer every month. On average (depending on the topic), topic and keyword research and then writing a high-quality article of this size will take you up to 6-7 hours. It adds up to 25+ hours a month. How much are your 25 hours worth? You are in this business because you are good at getting new customers, upselling, and building your reputation. It means that sitting down typing articles isn't exactly a good investment of your time. Get on with what you are good at and what brings the money in, and let us take away the headache of writing content.